Tire Pressure Lights: What to Know

Your tire pressure monitoring system is designed to alert the driver when tire pressure falls below the necessary amount to support the load of your vehicle. Your PSI can be found in the owner's manual or on the tire itself. When your tire pressure drops, you can fill the tires to simply reset the warning light. However, if the light continues to turn on, you may need to reset the indicator in the settings menu if you have an electronic dashboard or on-board display.

Tire pressure gauges can also have issues with faulty wires or bugs. If you notice your light going on and off, then you may need to have it replaced or checked by a mechanic. You can check the gauges through a professional mechanic in our service center at Carbone Hyundai located in Yorkville, NY. You can get a great rate on services including tire pressure checks and gauge replacements. In addition, you can also get a new set of tires or patch up a tire to get back on the road.

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