Servicing Your Headlights

We know it is winter here in Yorkville and the snow, slush, salt and dirt can really do a number on your vehicle. While you might be able to drive through the car wash and get most of the grime off there are spots in your vehicle that get dirty and it takes a little more work to get them clean. One of these areas in your headlights.

It can get very dirty inside of your headlights and if you remove the outer shell you can get in there and clean them. You will be able to see much better on the road while you are driving just from that simple task.

Also, if you would like brighter bulbs or a color light that is better to see with, we can upgrade your current headlight bulbs to something else that will work with you vehicle and your budget. Just let us know what you are looking for! Schedule an appointment with our service center today!

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