What Component Moves Coolant Through Your Engine Cooling System?

Without your engine cooling system in place and working properly, your vehicle would soon stop functioning. One of the main components in this system is the coolant itself.

This specially designed liquid can withstand relatively high motor temperatures for extended lengths of time. The coolant it is driven through the system by a part called a water pump.

Most water pumps contain internal impellers that force large volumes of coolant through spaces in engine blocks called cooling jackets. During this journey, the coolant picks up heat that it later releases as it passes through radiator cores.

The water pump is like the heart of your cooling system, and making sure that it is healthy can do your entire system good. At Carbone Hyundai in the Yorkville area we specialize in helping people to maintain and optimize their cooling systems. For a fast, no-obligation conversation about your driving needs, come by our service center today.

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