Are You and Your Hyundai Model Ready for Winter?

What do you think of when you think of winter? The upcoming holiday season, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate by the fire, or building a snowman in the backyard with your kids? For those at Carbone Hyundai in Yorkville, we think of snow and ice-coated roads and the tremendous drop in temperatures that hurts vehicles if you're not careful.

While layers of snow and patches of ice are what to expect each time winter rolls around, some drivers forget the importance of winterizing their Hyundai vehicle and are left risking accidents and an engine that refuses to start. Our service and parts centers are ready to help you start prepping your Hyundai Santa Fe for what lies ahead as the temperature continues to drop.

There are five areas you should check on before winter arrives and it's too late to combat the snow-covered roads with a healthy engine and robust tires:

  1. Winter Kit: You may already have something like this assembled in your trunk, but a winter emergency kit consists of supplies you'd need if something goes awry while you're driving in Manlius. Recommended items include a first aid kit, blanket, extra gloves, an extra pair of warm clothes, a flashlight and road flares, an ice scraper or two, traction-enhancing sand, and energy-filled snacks.
  2. Winter Tires: What part of your Hyundai Sonata has the most contact with winter-stricken roads? You guessed it: the tires. That's why checking on your tire pressure and tread depth before the winter season hits your home in Utica is a crucial action to prevent reckless winter driving. You may also consider investing in winter tires for your sedan. Chat with our service center about any tires service specials we may have running that could help you save.
  3. Oil Change: If you are overdue for an oil change, we encourage you to get that completed before winter hits. Switching to winter-grade oil in your Hyundai during at this time may also be a good idea when you visit our service center - about 30 minutes outside Oneida. When the temperature is low, you'll want to have thinner oil to regulate proper flow for your engine to fire up without struggling too much in the cold weather.
  4. Windshield Wipers: Being able to see as you navigate through snow and sleet conditions is essential for safety. If you have older wipers, replace them through our Hyundai parts center near Rome, NY. You'll also want to get winter windshield wiper fluid, so it doesn't freeze on your windshield when it's applied as regular wiper fluid does. You'll have much better visibility with this type of wiper fluid.
  5. Engine Operations: Having a healthy engine is the most important element as we transition into winter. Without it, you're not going anywhere. Be sure you have enough coolant and antifreeze, so you don't have to face the harsh reality of being stuck in freezing temperatures with an engine that won't start.

Our Carbone Hyundai service and parts centers can help prepare you and your Hyundai by offering oil changes, tire assistance, and engine inspections on a regular basis. You can also find and order replacement windshield wipers, brake pads, new tires, and other genuine Hyundai parts and accessories.

To stay ahead of the snow and ice, book an appointment at our service center online and let our technicians know that you're looking to winterize your Hyundai Tucson, and they'll check over the important areas. We want our customers to have a safe and fun winter season, and the best way to make that happen is by getting you in for a winter inspection at 4975 Commercial Drive. Winterize your Hyundai today, so you can start looking forward to building that snowman or enjoying that cup of hot chocolate.

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